7 Signs Your Body Is Crying For Help

Our body is a perfect mechanism where a lot of things happen at the same time. Sometimes, it gives us signs that it needs help which if ignored can lead to health issues.

Here are some warning signals you should take note of-

1. Insomnia, Irritability and Legs Cramps- If you have these signs, your body needs magnesium and potassium. Add tomatoes, oranges, spinach and bananas in your everyday diet. If you have anxiety or stress before an important event, falling asleep and staying asleep might be a problem. Try this to calm down your nerves and get some good rest.

Its called the 4-7-8 method. Breathe calmly through your nose for 4 secs. Hold your breath for 7 seconds. Breathe out slowly through your mouth for 8 seconds.

2. Dry Skin-

Image result for dry skin

Dryness in the skin may signify lack of vitamin E. Therefore, you should eat more vegetables, oil, nuts and fish. Don’t use soaps, scrubs or exfoliating masks, especially that those are clay based. Use creams with a greasy base. Apply a thick layer of such cream 1-2 hrs before going to bed and wipe of the excess with a tissue before sleeping. Don’t take a shower more than once a day.

3. Sweet Tooth- 

Image result for girl eating chocolate

If you suddenly feel strong desire to have something sweet then stress, depression or exhaustion may be the cause. Your body is asking for glucose. Have a piece of dark chocolate.

4. Desire To Eat Ice- 

Image result for girl eating ice cubes

If you find yourself wanting to eat some ice, then you may have anemia. This indicates iron deficiency in your body. The best sources of iron are beef and eggs. However, its still better to consult a doctor.

5. Bleeding Gums- 

Image result for bleeding gums

Sudden or constant bleeding of gums when you brush is a sign of Vitamin C deficiency. Include citrus fruits, spinach, green and red bell peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli in your meals.

6. Fragile Nails And Hair- Your body is telling you that it lacks Vitamin B. Drink more milk and have some nori seaweeds and mushrooms.

Also, try making this healthy drink. Take a avocado, banana, orange, herbs and lemon. Peel the banana and orange. Turn the avocado into pulp and blend everything together. Add some herbs, a glass of water and juice of half a lemon. enjoy!

7. Rings Around The Irises- Such rings may appear in people over 50 years and that’s normal. However, if it occurs in younger people it is a sign of high cholesterol levels. You should consult a doctor about this.




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