Hello readers, or soon to be readers,

Welcome to spoonfulofsugar!

First thing things, my name is Sidhya Surana. I have done my graduation in Bsc. Home Science. Health and wellness being my personal hobbies, through this blog I will be sharing my fitness journey, my recipes and a little of personal blogging here and there,too. I’m definitely not a fitness professional or a diet guru and I don’t claim it to know it all either.

In terms of fitness hobbies, I’m a total gym person. I love my treadmil and I’m a let’s go lift weights bro! type of person. I really enjoy group styles of exercise and my love for zumba is immense and dancing is bae. I’m certainly not a yoga person (tho it is very relaxing). I like to go on long walks, this refreshes me.

Also, I will not keep this blog restricted to just fitness, even though I love cooking healthy meals and lifting weights but there are also other things that keep me busy. I’m am an absolute makeup junkie and a voyager so you can expect suggestions and reviews. As I have double X chromosomes so obviously I have girly characteristics that requires me to love dressing up and be slightly obsessed with footwear. Isn’t it fun to be a women!!

Lastly, I have a beautiful family and  few good friends who keep me motivated and inspired.

Hope you all enjoy this blog. Please feel free to contact me with my questions/comments or to give me feedback. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog so you won’t miss any new post.